Thursday, November 16, 2017


PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE!!  We got a call this morning that our paper was finally approved and in the mail to us!!!! That means things are moving again. Once the paper is in my hand I will zooooooom off to Harrisburg and pay to have each paper stamped with a seal then pay to overnight it to a carrier in New York City who will take them to the Chinese Consulate to be approved.  We will  then get them to our agency asap!!. Our papers (dossier) will then be ready to send to China!!!! YAY!!! Then we PRAY PRAY PRAY that China will grant us an expedite. Which means things could move very quickly and funds will be needed quickly.  We are soooo thankful for those of you who have donated for the Put Your Name on the Frame fundraiser. It is still going (details below) and some new fundraisers will be coming very soon. We have some beautiful Christmas gift ideas coming!!! Thank you for all your support and prayers!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Put Your Name on the Frame

It has been crazy here in the Lang home. I will share more another day but it has been so quiet on the adoption front. We really could use your prayers!!! I still have not gotten my birth certificate but we might have another way to do it if it doesn't come in time for step 2 to be finished. We NEED to finish step 2 and get our papers to China!! We requested an expedite from our government and we were denied but we are trusting in the Lords perfect timing. Everyone in the adoption community has been waiting on Homeland to move their papers through this step and it is taking an exceptionally long time!!! Something that should only take a few weeks is taking over 2 months!  Please pray our papers will come soon so we can finish step 2 and get our papers to China.  Once our papers arrive in China we will request an expedite on that side which does happen more often than here. If we are granted the expedite then things will move very quickly and funds will also be needed quickly. We have been so blessed to have half our funds at this point but we still need to raise $17,000. This is where the Put Your Name on the Frame Fundraiser comes in place. We have always wanted to help our kids see the amazing way God has worked through others to help bring them home. We have a special picture for Winston that is hanging over where he will sleep. It says Adventure Awaits. We can not wait to see all the Lord will do in his life. 

We would love for you to be a part of his story. When you donate any amount we will add your name to the frame. We would love to fill the frame so Winston can see how loved he is by so many. Donations can be made directly to our Reeces Rainbow Account for tax deductible gifts click HERE   or directly to our paypal account on the right. Please remember all online donations will have fees. Checks can be made out to Reeces Rainbow or directly to us. Please email me at with any questions and PLEASE let me know what name you would like written on the frame!!!!

This SMILE is what keeps me going. Please keep PRAYING!!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Please Keep Praying

We are so thankful for those of you who continue to pray for us on this hard journey. We could use your prayers that the Lord will continue to move papers. Please pray my birth certificate will arrive very soon. I requested it over a month ago and it still has not arrived. We need it very soon to be able to complete this second phase. Please also continue to pray for papers to be expedited here and in China. We are in the process of going through Home Land Security and we are praying things will move quickly here in the states so that we can send our papers of to China for step three! Thank you to everyone who ordered a shirt we were able to raise $970 and that should help with all the fees for step 2 here in the states. We just finished the second run of shirts but if others would still like to order you can. The link HERE is still active there just has to be 5 shirts ordered for another run of them. It has been so exciting to go different places and see people wearing the shirts. It is such a good reminder to continue to have Faith over Fear. At times is is easy to look ahead and start to let fear set in as to how this is all going to be done. But then we have to stop and remember this is God's work and he will work it all out to his glory!. We are excited to be having a bake sale on Sept 30th at Renningers Market in Kutztown from 8-3. If you are in the area please stop by to see us!! If you enjoy baking we could still use several donations. Click HERE if you would like to sign up to help. Thank you!!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

So Amazing!!

 God is so amazing!! We had a garage sale last weekend and God did amazing things! We could see his hand in all of it from the donations, to sending someone to help when we had no more energy, to special covers to protect from the weather. Thursday we got things set up and covered and then it poured in the night. I just listened to the down pour in the middle of the night and prayed that the covers were not being blown away. In the morning everything was dry!!! The weather looked questionable all day and we had put this sale together so quickly that we were not even able to advertise. So when the early birds did not show we were not so sure how the day would go but God knew. He held the rain away and sent a steady flow of people. We were suppose to end at 3 on Friday so when the dark clouds started coming at 2:30 we began to cover everything up. As we walked into the house at 3 the rains began again. God is so good. When we tallied everything we were amazed at all God had provided. This was our best sale ever and by Sat he provided all we needed for our next big step in the process. It is such an amazing journey to watch God work. 

The next fundraiser that is currently happening is a T-shirt fundraiser. God usually gives us a theme for our adoption and this one is Faith over Fear. We are venturing into a whole new game with an older child in a wheelchair but God has given me such a peace about it all. I have no doubt this is His plan and we are walking in faith. This will be a quick sale it ends on Sept 6th. So make sure to place your orders soon.  shirt order click here. It comes in 3 colors and other styles and as a sweatshirt. 

There have also been some questions about how to donate. You can donate to our paypal account. A % is taken for processing or if you want to donate for a tax deductible donation you can donate to the Reece's Rainbow tax deductible account for Winston. If you do it online a % is taken for fees or you can mail a check to Reese's and the full amount will go to that account.
or Checks should be made payable to and mailed to:
Reece’s Rainbow
PO Box 146
Combined Locks, WI 54113
***Please include a note for Winston Lang

PRAYERS NEEDED!!! Please pray that we would be approved for an expedite so we are able to get there quickly and not cut it to close to his ageing out date. 

We are excited to see all the Lord will do next. We appreciate all your prayers and support!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

God is on the Move!!

God has been doing amazing things!! He has called us to bring home this precious boy. We have named him Winston. . Every picture and video we have he is always smiling and all the boys are named after Peter which means rock. So when the Lord led us to the name Winston which means joyful rock we knew it was just for him. 

Winston is a tiny 13 year old boy who has cerebral palsy. We have to get to him before his 14th birthday which is in May or he will no longer be able to have a chance of being adopted. This puts us in a time crunch to get papers done and to raise funds so we are already moving full steam ahead. 

I just launched our first fundraiser in a video online so we will see if it works here. 

Also save the date we are having a huge yard sale on
 August 18 and 19th. 
Come shop and help bring Winston home!!
If you have items you would like to donate they can be dropped off on 15th and 16th at our house. 

We hope you will join us on this incredible journey and we thank you for your prayers!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!

We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!!! We pray this will be a wonderful time celebrating our Saviors birth. We are so excited to be celebrating our first Christmas with Moriah home. 

I had hope to make cards and send them out, but life with a three year old has been very busy!!!  

We have been busy this year trying to keep up with homeschooling, running to therapies and going to our new homeschool coop. It has been much harder this year having to keep an eye on Moriah every minute. (She loves to explore.) Peter has been working hard teaching over 600 kids in a very tight full schedule. Here are a few updates on the kids.

Moriah has now been home 5 months!!! I can't believe it. She has gained 7 pounds and almost 4 inches in that short time. Moriah was not walking on her own when she came home but she is now running and jumping. She has been going for Aqua, Physical and Speech therapies once a week. She loves music and dancing. She loves to explore and discover new things. She is such a joy and has blossomed so much since coming home.

Sarah is now in highschool and doing some classes online and others on her own at home. She has such a heart for others and is planning on going to Honduras in June with her youth group. She continues to love baking so much so she did a fundraiser baking rolls and made 60 dozen! She is enjoying being a big sister. 

Cargan  is 10 and has been home 4 years now and has grown  in many ways. He is now reading and doing so much on his own.He is enjoying our new coop and he is the one that keeps us on schedule. He brings so much joy to our family. He loves Christmas!!

Pierson is 12.  He loves to be outside and has really been a big help since Moriah has come home. He has been learning the value of working and saving money. It has been exciting to watch how God has been working in him this year. He is growing into such a fine young man.

We pray you all take time to treasure each moment together. Please pray for the children still waiting for families. We are so thankful for all of you. Merry Christmas and God Bless!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

What a MONTH!!

I can not believe Moriah has been home over 1 MONTH already. The days are flying by here with this bundle of joy. Moriah has been doing so well. She has been eating like crazy and she is now WALKING on her own!! It has been amazing. We will be doing some physical therapy for a while to help her catch up but she learns so quickly I don't think it will be too long. She is on the go now and life is very busy but we are enjoying every moment.  Please keep praying as we transition into starting school with a 2 year old and Peter going back to work. It will be a big change for us all. I am all ears for ideas on homeschooling with a little one. 

I also wanted to give an update on Cargan. It was a big month for him. He graduated out of physical, occupational, and speech therapies!! He got to put his hand print on the wall. 

After working so hard for 3 years to learn how to ride a bike we were able to go to Lancaster everyday last week for a special bike camp and he learned how to ride his bike in 3 days!!! The program I Can Bike is amazing!!

We are so thankful for you all!!